During the theme install process one of the plugins you should have installed is the CommerceGurus Toolkit. CommerceGurus Toolkit is a dedicated plugin created specially for CommerceGurus themes which provides enhanced functionality for the theme including shortcodes and custom post types. In the past, these kind of things were integrated directly into the theme. It's now better to keep this kind of functionality in a plugin so if you switch to another theme in the future you won't lose your content.

CommerceGurus Shortcodes
- we explored these briefly in the last section. Detailed examples of all shortcodes are provided with the Demo Data. In addition to CommerceGurus Shortcodes, the following custom post types are provided by the CommerceGurus Toolkit:

Showcases - These are sometimes called Portfolios in other themes. Showcases are essentially the same :) We've already covered Showcases in detail a little earlier under Page templates. Featured images for Showcases should be at least 1400px if possible. On a showcase details page you can choose to display a gallery of images or a Youtube/Vimeo video. The page will not display both. It will check and see if there is an Video ID present and if not it will attempt to load photos from the Showcase gallery. To add photos to the showcase gallery click the "Manage Gallery" button and then add and re-order gallery images as normal.

Announcements - Announcements is another simple custom post type that let's you create simple little broadcast announcement messages which then appear in your product category listing pages. Announcements auto cycle in a carousel and can be switched off from Theme Options as covered earlier.