The issue here is not the speed of the theme. The theme itself is incredibly fast and has been benchmarked to be as fast as all the leading WordPress themes.

It is most likely a combination of the following:

- Slow web host - this is a very common issue for people running WooCommerce on shared or low powered web hosting providers.

- Too many plugins - some web hosts struggle when you have too many plugins installed. For example, if you use GoDaddy, try disabling the Envato WordPress toolkit. GoDaddy's network setup means that plugin slows down sites on GoDaddy. The plugin itself is fine - it's a GoDaddy issue. GoDaddy in particular are a very poor host for WordPress and WooCommerce sites in particular

- For most smaller WooCommerce sites we recommend a really fast and good value web host that is optimized for WordPress and WooCommerce called Siteground - 

We have many theme customers who have moved to Siteground who are really happy with the speed increase they get.

We've also written extensively about other things you can do to speed up your Website over on our blog. Here are some relevant posts: