On our single product pages, we include some useful conversion signals such as a countdown timer and a stock level bar which decreases. On load, there is also a slide-away tab which displays page views and orders. All of these do not need to be real data (in fact it’s better they’re not – real database calls would slow your store to a crawl) – they’re designed to increase sales.

Implementing this on your store

First, download the Beeketing For WooCommerce plugin. You’ll need to set up a free account upon activation.

There are numerous paid modules but we’re using the free one, called Countdown Cart. You should see it within the Installed Apps tab. Clicking Manage app will take you into the settings.

Countdown Timer

You can choose a couple of styles and some text changes within each option on the left-hand side. This is the Countdown timer options we’re using for example. 15px Arial and the simplest counter style.

Stock Level Display

To get the stock bar to display you may need to first adjust your product’s inventory settings. This is what I used for example. Manage stock is ticked and a quantity of 100.

Then, within the Stock options, I used the following settings. Using the actual number of stock items could cause issues with page speed due to additional database queries so I’d be wary of enabling that one.