Accentuate comes with two different sidebar features - one with simple text - and the other with an image and a title link.

Let's see how both are created.

1) Firstly, both are widgets - so we go to Appearance > Widgets - 'Pages Sidebar' (if a standard page) or just 'Sidebar' if it is on a Blog post.

Let's modify the simpler, text one first which looks like this:

2) When we open up the widget it looks like this (switch to the Text tab)

Title field: Left blank

Content field:

<a href="#">Download our latest company brochure.</a>

<span class="info">Pdf — updated June 2018</span>

CSS Classes field: secondary wow fadeIn

So, it's just a matter of changing this text to your own, simple enough.

You can upload a pdf file within the Media section of WordPress - note the full path of the file. Then, replace the # with the path.


Want to change the pink color? Easy - just go to Appearance > Customize > Sidebar > Sidebar Settings

3) Now, let's do the feature with an image which looks like this:

When we open up this widget it looks like this (remember to use the Text tab again)

Title field: Left blank

Content field:

<a class="image" href="#"><img src="" alt="" /></a>
<h4>How can we help?</h4>
Contact us at the Accentuate office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

<a class="arrow" href="#">Get in touch</a>

CSS Classes: feature wow fadeIn


So, to replace the image with your own for example, go to the 'Media' section in WordPress and upload an image you'd like to use and note the URL (path). Replace the image path above - this part:

With your own.

Also replace the # reference with your own link to a page or post.