IE11 is a very old browser with a increasingly small share of users - for security and compatibility reasons it is much better using a more modern version of Chrome/Firefox/Safari/or Edge if it's a Microsoft platform.

The reason those rows have an issue is because IE11 has a buggy and incomplete interpretation of the Flex model in css which allows for equal height rows. It's a problem with the browser which is why it's no longer updated and Microsoft have re-built it from scratch and called it Edge.

For a simple fix you'd need to disable equal heights on those rows affected - by clicking on the little pen icon and unticking this box:

For the news section, do the following.
Add this plugin:

Then, in Appearance > Custom CSS add the following line:
@media all and (-ms-high-contrast: none),(-ms-high-contrast: active) {
    .content-area ul.display-posts-listing li {
        display: inline-block;
        float: left;