NOTE: This only applies to customers having issues with creating websites with our themes AFTER June 22 2016 using the following CommerceGurus Themes:

  • Adrenalin
  • Suave
  • Boulder
  • Storesy
For Captiva Theme Customers, please follow the same instructions but ensure you download the latest version of Captiva Toolkit (See 1b. below)

As of June 22 2016, Google Maps no longer supports keyless access. Read more about this change on the Google Geo developers blog.

As a result, if you create a website that uses our Google Maps shortcode you may see an error saying "Oops! Something went wrong." when trying to view your Google Map. It might look something like this.

You can confirm the error by right clicking anywhere on your page and selecting "Inspect Element" and opening the "Console" tab where you will see the following information.

The "MissingKeyMapError" line confirms you are suffering from the issue described in this article.

What this means is that Google now require you to create an API key for any Google Maps you display on your website. This is beyond our control and is a major breaking change introduced by Google. 

How do I fix the issue?

1.) Download and update to the latest version of CommerceGurus Toolkit (V1.6) 

1b.) For Captiva customers, please download and update to the latest version of Captiva Tookit instead of CommerceGurus Toolkit.

2.) In WordPress, go to Settings -> CommerceGurus Toolkit Settings

3.) Enter your Google Maps API Key (More Info on How to create a Google Maps API Key)

4.) Hit "Save Changes". This should resolve the issue.