If you'd like to add a shop to Factory it's very simple, you'll be setup in a matter of minutes.

1) First go to Plugins - search for 'WooCommerce' and install the plugin.

2) Next, set the Product image dimensions. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products Tab - 'Display'

The ones used on our demo is as follows:

Catalog Images: 300 x 390

Single Product Image: 500 x 650

Product Thumbnails: 120 x 155

Tip: If you change these after already adding product images you'll need to install and run the 'Regenerate Thumbnails' plugin to redo existing images to the new size set.

3) Next, set the Cart and Checkout pages. This is in WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout. Simply select the Cart and Checkout pages within the appropriate dropdown.

4) Final step, if you want the Cart and Checkout pages to have no sidebar, just like the demo (we think this can help conversions) - edit both the Cart and Checkout pages and change the Template dropdown to 'WooCommerce full width'

5. Optional Step: Import demo product data.

Go to Tools -> Import -> WordPress and upload the xml file below. This will trigger the import process for the products shown in the Factory Demo Shop http://factory.commercegurus.com/shop/ 

(NOTE: Demo data is provided for purely demonstration purposes and is not intended for production use.)